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New This Year, The Red Tent!

Pictured: The Future Site of The Red Tent

The Red Tent, known as a moon lodge or goddess tent, has been a place where women traditionally come together to support each other, pray, and honour their menstrual cycle. As women increasingly honour their divine feminine energy, the popularity of the Red Tent has grown. The modern day Red Tent serves as a gathering place for women of all ages to share and learn about ancient feminine wisdom, and the mysteries of the menstrual cycle.

Our ancestors were more attuned to the earth’s natural rhythms and would often bleed together in union with the cycles of the new moon. Women would honour the sacred time by accessing their power and initiation, heightened during menstruation and the moon’s darkness. The knowledge gained during menstruation was considered to be of great benefit to the entire community. The Red Tent provided a refuge of solace, rest, and comfort where women could express themselves freely.

Women bleed into the earth with prayer and then emerge from the tent, renewed and ready to support the community with a more profound sense of purpose. Women who come together in this way can amplify each other’s intentions and prayers, creating a powerful and supportive community.

Across cultures, the Red Tent symbolizes the womb and sacred space for women. The womb space provides a setting where women can rest, dream, and receive insights from the spiritual realms.

Surrounded by the trees of the Healing Forest, the Red Tent is a sacred space exclusively for women and their young children.