SoulshinE Updates

The Festival Portal is Now Open! 

This is a pivotal moment for our community. With the opening of the Participation Portal, a year of incredible change is reaching its peak. How we work and play has evolved in support of more profound individual and collective community-building efforts.

We invite you to join us on this adventure. The first step is to explore the Participation Portal. If you resonate with the 2024 vision and feel inspired for the challenging work ahead, we invite you to apply to be a part of the journey. Soulshine Festival is not a passive experience. It is a co-created experiment in which you have the power to shape what is possible and good for us.

Soulshine Festival is our opportunity to explore whether or not humanity can organize in a truly empowering and co-creative way. The year-round process of developing crews and structure culminates in you stepping up and plugging in. The Portal is a threshold introducing a deeper level of teamwork, communication and organisational transparency.

Note: We are a small administration and processing team and expect the community to be patient as we work on carefully integrating hundreds of human beings into Soulshine Festival’s complex ecology.