Envision '22

This Year's Theme

In it’s inaugural year 2021, Soulshine’s theme was Breathe. This theme was both a galvanizing element for society and also an action word, inspiring the music, art, and workshops of the festival. And now in 2022 we take a collective step forward, examining what the future has in store. We’re asking the big questions in our efforts to become more aware of the unique possibilities ahead of us. This is the year that we Envision our future, as individuals, and as a community.


Closer Look

Festivals have always been a uniquely powerful way of energising and supporting movements, even helping to define them. Soulshine holds the promise to be an anchor in a world where humanity’s deepest values are being threatened.

Born out of a complacent society, Soulshine is a collection of independently brave and forward thinking people catalyzing change. Such a collection is rare and uniquely capable of navigating the potential futures ahead, guided by the values of personal responsibility and community building. 

We are a new community gathering, driven by values of freedom and care. Together we have the potential to define the leading edge of our collective awakening.