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Who Are We?

We are a community driven by the values of freedom and care; together we work on defining the leading edge of our awakening.

Soulshine Festival 2022

After Closing Ceremonies

Our Mission

Motivated by our relationship with truth, Soulshine is an ecology supporting positive activation of inner and interpersonal evolution.

Why A Festival?

Festivals are a uniquely powerful way of energizing and supporting movements, even helping to define them. The Soulshine Festival community holds the promise to be an anchor in a world where humanity’s deepest values are being put to the test.

The Festival At A Glance


Focused on thriving in an ever changing world, Soulshine holds learning close to heart. Enjoy vibrant offerings of timely teachings in more than 40 empowering workshops hosted in many different spaces.


Soulshine features a uniquely brilliant mixture of music spanning genres from soul-enriching Kirtan to soul-charging Techno.

Join us as we continue to discover and integrate the power of music in our lives.


To appreciate, foster and create art is at the bedrock of human experience. Soulshine energizes art through workshops, a community gallery, a free-form art space and the Open Market.


Indulge in four days of vegan, whole-food nourishment provided by our Community Kitchen. 

Soulshine is an all inclusive festival, providing sustenance for the entire community.

In addition you can enjoy a variety of high quality food vendors in the Art Village.  


Soulshine holds space for individual and group healing sessions curated from a broad base of modalities. Indulge in yourself with a balance of stimulation, integration, connection and plenty of rest.


We are family-integrated with extensive offerings including a full children’s program, a quiet camp area and a kid’s zone with a dedicated forest playground. The kid’s zone features music, art and learning workshop spaces and special events for kids and families.

Yes, It's a Camping Festival

Soulshine Festival is on the September long weekend with beautiful mild summer weather and virtually no flying biting insects. The Festival grounds are expansive with several camping areas to choose from, including sites surrounded by shady forest, under open skies, closer to the action or in the quiet zone.

Finding Our Tribe

We are building a community rooted in the core values of care, respect and collaboration. Soulshine Festival will ultimately manifest itself as a creation of the collective. We are looking for more like-minded creators to contribute to this newly forming community.