Read the most frequently asked questions (and answers) to orient yourself with details of the festival.


What's better than... Sunshine? Moonshine?


Most Asked Questions

The dates for this year’s festival are August 30 – September 2, 2024.

Soulshine has a new home near Newcastle. The address will be provided to all confirmed participants. 

Festival gates will open for load-in as early as 12 pm on Friday. Festival activity ramps up starting at 4pm. 

No one is able to enter between 9pm – 8am on any day without prior approval.

You can bring whatever you feel you need but the incredible community powered Kitchen will be cooking and serving delicious plant-based meals all weekend starting with dinner on Friday. 

There will also be a variety of food vendors for evening and late night cravings.

Soulshine is a camping festival. Bring your tent and everything you need for sleep! You will have the choice of many areas to camp in either the Sunshine Camp (quiet hours at night) or Moonshine Camp. Please check Camping F.A.Q. below.

You can book a spot for your van or small camper when you buy your Pass.  The camper fee will go towards restoration and land improvements.

We have very limited space for a few medium size RV’s in the upper parking lot. Please book your spot when you buy your Pass. 

We recommend leaving valuables at home but do bring some cash for the late night food vendors, the Art Village and maybe some Soulshine swag! 

Unfortunately although we love our pets there are no pets allowed on site. This is mainly due to health and safety reasons.

How do you get here?

Soulshine Festival is situated in beautiful Newcastle, Ontario

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By CaR

Participants will receive the address through email.

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By Car-Pool

Check the private Telegram or Facebook social groups to find drivers or passengers.

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By Transit or Train

Details coming



Four-day festival passes include entry, parking, choice of camping area, music, workshops, Healing Forest, Art Village, family area and last but not least nourishing food from the community kitchen all weekend. (please bring your own dishes!)

Soulshine is a long weekend ceremonial experience, full of intention and flow. Please plan to make it for the full experience, hand in hand with the rest of the tribe.

If this is not possible you can secure a single overnight pass for either Saturday and Sunday night. You can arrive as early as 9am and must leave by 4pm the next day.

Overnight Passes will be available Aug 1st, 2023.

Yes. We will be releasing passes in 3 tiers with the price increasing as the festival date get closer.

Early Birds: On Sale March 2, 2023

Regular Passes: March 30, 2023

Last Minute Passes: August 7, 2023

Over 240 volunteers will help make the festival run smoothly in a wide variety of crews. Fill out the Volunteer Form located in the Participation section to start the process of finding a way to co-create! 

Note: Accepted volunteers invest $80 and receive all weekend access to the Community Kitchen.

14-day refund policy from date of purchase.  No refunds after Aug 15, 2023.

Refund fee: 5% of purchase price at a minimum of $17.50.

If you cannot use your pass and you have another buyer, please email us and we will transfer the ticket for you for free.

We are happy to change the name on the Pass for you. Once you have secured a buyer, please email hello@soulshinefestival.ca with the information. Only fully paid Passes are transferrable. 


On the Passes page, you have the option to add your pass as a Full Payment or part of a Payment Plan. 

The Payment Plan will divide your total amount owing into two equal payments. The first payment is due on the date of purchase and the second payment is due 60 days later. Opting into the payment plan is free of charge.

The payment plan is available for Festival Passes purchased before June 7th, 2023

If the second payment is not received, we will send a notice. If payment is not made within 5 business days, the Pass will be considered forfeit. 

Forfeit passes are not transferrable and must be manually reinstated at the discretion of the festival depending on availability. 

The initial payment is non-refundable (after 14 days.) The amount paid can be applied as a credit to a 2024 Festival Pass by request.

A 5% admin fee (maximum $25) will be levied against all forfeit passes to reinstate or transfer to the following year.



You can bring whatever you feel you need but the incredible and improved community powered Kitchen will be cooking and serving delicious plant-based meals starting with Dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Monday. Just make sure you bring your own plate & utensils!

Once the Community Kitchen closes, there will be options for buying extra food in the wee hours. Wander over to the Art Village to see what’s available. 

The short answer is no, and it’s not only because we are eager to share meals from the community kitchen but for safety concerns and respect for the land. Attendees are not permitted to create cooking fires or to operate gas stoves at this time. 

You can bring a hibachi or any other non compressed fuel option to cook.

In the Beverage Tent you will find coffee, hot water, tea and sometimes, cacao for your enjoyment. 



We have two designated camping areas this year. 

If you prefer a quieter experience, there is plenty of space on the grounds at Sunshine Camp to pitch your tent. This camping area has night time quiet hours and early morning activities. 

The Moonshine Camp is nestled in the forest and closer to the nighttime festivities. These shaded spots will allow for cool, quiet mornings and sleeping in. 

The Sunshine Camp has flushing toilets and there will be plenty of Porta Potties throughout all the camping and high traffic areas.

You will find two out door showers across from the main entrance to Moonshine Camp. 

For Sunshine Campers, each of the bathroom buildings is equipped with a single shower stall. Please use sparingly. There are pumps along the North tree line with plenty of  well water to stay fresh and cool. 


You can book a spot for your van or small camper when you buy your pass.  The camper fee will contribute towards restoration and land improvements.


We have very limited space for a few medium-sized RVs in the upper parking lot. Please note there are no hookups of any kind. Book your spot when you buy your pass. 


There will be plenty of Soulshiners to share resources with and a small selection of essentials available to purchase in the hospitality tent. 

The Fire Keepers will maintain two community fires. No one else is permitted to light fires for any reason.


Children + Family

No. Parents or guardians are to remain with their young children while participating in activities in the family area. Children under 12 should be supervised at all times.

Yes. Unless otherwise stated.

We will provide simple, unmixed foods alongside our main offerings, including cut fruit & vegetables, bread, hummus and other child friendly options.

See Food F.A.Q.

The forests are very large. The site is 160 acres.


Gentle Reminders​​

Reset & Recharge

We strongly encourage you to get adequate sleep each night. Our bodies may not be used to walking around for 3-4 days, attending workshops and dancing day & night. Getting proper rest is our top tip for having the best experience possible. You may not need as much sleep as others; please respect quiet time hours from 11pm to 7am. Take the time to ground and unwind.

Caring For The Land

Please bring only what you need and leave no trace. We ask everyone to be kind to the land. This will help make the volunteers’ lives easier too.

Alcohol and Drugs

This gathering is intentionally subtle, flowing and soul enriching. While you can bring your own food (and drink), we will not be serving any alcohol. We discourage excessive drinking and encourage a healthy respect for the all ages environment. We anticipate most attendees will not be drinking and those that do will do so responsibly. This is the same for any substance. 

Let’s bask in the high vibration of the festival gathering and lift each others’ spirits naturally.


Further Information​

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please forward your questions to: