Updated Aug 14th 2023


Simply put, a little bit of preparation will make for a better, more fulfilling festival experience. 

Please read all of the sections of the guide, in order. Make mental notes along the way. When you are finished, be sure to visit the F.A.Q. to get an even better idea of what to expect.


Preparation Can Be Half The Fun!


Make sure you have secured your Pass for this year.

Get your pass here.


Soulshine Festival is hosted in Blackstock, Ontario, approximately one hour drive North East of Toronto. The exact address will be provided to pass holders near the event date.

We highly encourage carpooling. You can connect with other drivers or passengers in your area through Facebook and Telegram social groups to organize rides.


Please pack your things in closed bags for ease of transport. No loose items.

  • Bring E-mail Receipt and/or I.D.
  • Tent with Fly in case of rain
  • Sleeping bag + bedding + pillow (It can be chilly at night)
  • Plate, Bowl, Cup, Utensils ($5 landfill fee for plastic, re-washable dishes)
  • Tea or Coffee Cup/Mug 
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Clothes for 4 days
  • Personal Hygiene Products (Skip the Shampoo. Quick showers only!)
  • Extra Socks
  • Towel
  • A Sweater/Jacket
  • Cash for night time food vendors and daytime vendor alley.
  • Cash/Credit for Soulshine 2022 limited edition T-shirts!
  • Yoga Mat/Festival Blanket
  • Washcloth (There are Pumps with plenty of well water to stay refreshed)
  • Cellphone Battery
  • Flashlight
  • Festival Chair (Optional)
  • Small Backpack or Fanny pack (optional)
  • Frisbee, Bubbles and Hula Hoops (optional)
  • A journal (optional)
  • A cool expressive outfit (optional)
  • A positive attitude 🙂
  • No Glass Bottles
  • No Gas Powered Generators
  • No Personal Fires
  • No Dogs (Or Parrots) 


Get familiar with when things are happening so you don’t miss out on your favorite activities.

Click image to download the PDF.

5. Study The MAp

The map isn’t just so you don’t get lost in the massive space, but also to help you plan for the best possible experience. Familiarize yourself with the location of the First Aid, Info Tent and the Community Kitchen.


There are three main camp site areas this year, Sunshine Camp, Moonshine Camp and the new Family Camp.

Sunshine Camp has quiet hours from 11pm to 7am. This camp is in closer proximity to the Workshops, Healing Forest and Community Kitchen. Within Sunshine Camp is the newly designated area for Family Camp. 

Moonshine Camp is situated between the Art Village and Glow Stage where music goes well into the night. The morning hours in the forest are shady and quiet.

Questions? Check out the Camping F.A.Q.



Take a breather. Appreciate the potential of the journey you are about to embark on.


Soulshine Festival has two gates. Most people will enter via the Main Gate. If you have reserved a Camper/Van spot or an RV spot, please enter via the Souls Path Gate.

The Gates are open for entry:

Friday: 12pm – 10pm
Saturday: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 9am – 9pm

No entry outside these hours without prior arrangement.

Park and Unload

Once registered, you will be given a wristband and instructions for parking.
If you are heading to Sunshine Camp or Family Camp, you have the option of getting help to transport your gear. Drop off whatever you cannot carry at the Baggage Drop-Off Tent and the ATV transport team will haul your gear to the Sunshine Camp Baggage Tent.
If you heading to Moonshine Camp, you will have a shorter trek north to create your favorite camping spot.


Once you have chosen a camping spot and collected any gear from the Sunshine Camp Baggage Tent, please take the time to set up your tent and prepare your camping space.

The arrival of everybody is very exciting so remember to breathe, meet your neighbours, and enjoy the beauty of the land. Take a walk around and get oriented with the layout of your new community home for the next four days!

FrIday Night

Get your camp site ready before dinner time!


We encourage you to visit the Community Kitchen for dinner on Friday just before the Opening Ceremony. This first meal is served from 5:30pm until 7:30pm.

Participate in THE Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony begins at 7:45pm.

We invite everyone to come together as we intentionally ignite the Ceremonial Fire and explore what collective embodiment can look like. Expect song, dance and moments of inner work and introspection.  


This Ceremonial Fire remains lit and attended throughout the festival. It will anchor in the community’s intentions throughout the weekend and be a place to ground and rejuvenate whenever needed.

Join The Drum Circle

The momentum of the Opening Ceremony continues and builds in support of a unique and large festival-wide drum circle.

Bring your own drum, or if you are lucky you can borrow one of the many Djembes the festival is renting. There are multiple drum workshops throughout the festival.

Enjoy The Jam Around The Fire

As the drum circle winds down, Sunshine Camp along with approximately half of the festival grounds will enter into quiet hours. This is at 11:00 PM every night.  Meanwhile, the Village Stage will kick off with a Soulshiney Jam around the fire near Moonshine Camp.

Gentle Reminders​​

Reset & Recharge

We strongly encourage you to get adequate sleep each night. Our bodies may not be used to walking around for 3-4 days, attending workshops and dancing day & night. Getting proper rest is the top tip for having the best experience possible. If you don’t need as much sleep as others, please respect quiet time hours at Sunshine Camp from 11pm to 7am. Take the time to ground and unwind.

Caring For The Land

Bring only what you need and leave no trace. We ask everyone to be kind to the land. This will help make the Earth Keepers lives easier too.

Please place recycling, compost, cigarette and filter waste in the designated bins and cans throughout the grounds.  

Alcohol and Drugs

This gathering is intentionally subtle, flowing and soul enriching. While you can bring your own food (and drink), we will not be serving any alcohol. We discourage excessive drinking and encourage a healthy respect for the all ages environment. We anticipate most attendees will not be drinking and those that do will do so responsibly. This is the same for any substance. 

Let’s bask in the high vibration of the festival gathering and lift each others’ spirits with internally generated life force energy.


Breathe again.


First Aid location has moved!

The main location is now just outside Sunshine Camp, near the Info Tent. Additional First Aid stations in the Village and Glow Stage in the evening. 

Soulshine has a fully equipped, well-trained, and mobile team active on-site 24/7.


The Info tent is your destination for questions, directions, schedules and lost & found.

Next to the Info Tent, look for our new Merch Tent where you will find Soulshine Festival merch along with a small general store offering a variety of necessities you may have forgotten.


With a bigger and more experienced crew, Soulshine is empowering the Community Kitchen in a big way in 2023. Soulshiners can expect a rich selection of whole food and plant based options, including a tea/coffee/cacao tent. Gluten-free options can be requested in advance at hello@soulshinefestival.ca.

Remember to bring re-washable dishes, cups and cutlery. Dish and hand wash stations are near the dining tent.


The evening also brings with it some new options for those late night cravings. Centrally located in the Art Village you can enjoy the taste of India in the Chai Tent Hangout or purchase food from a small variety of vendors. 


With your thinking cap on and your heart open, we invite you to engage with community leaders sharing their unique perspectives. Let’s explore new ideas and appreciate the benefit of having our beliefs challenged. 

Check out the schedule and notice what piques your interest. Take the time necessary to plan your days as you won’t be able to fit all of it in.


From higher energy music stages to softer tones in the Healing Forest and ceremony spaces, music is woven into many aspects of the festival. 

The Shine Stage features live soulful performances between 7pm-11pm.

The Village Stage features a collaborative jam vibe from 11pm-2am. 

Deep into the forest, Glow Stage is host to a diverse set of electronic music genres and audio-visual feasts from 10pm-3am.

Featured Soulshiners

Highlights from Over 80 practitioners, Artists AND HEALERS


Nestled into the woods north of Sunshine Camp, you will find an oasis with many healers offering one-on-one and small group sessions in a variety of modalities.  Visit the signup tent at the Healing Forest entrance to book your session.

Further down the path, discover the intimate Healing Circle Space, the Red Tent and the Men’s Teepee.


This year, our Family Area consists of a Kids Activity Zone, a Family Camp and the Family Village.

The expansive Kids Activity Zone offers a magical forest playground, music, art, dancing, drumming and other exciting spaces for children to explore.  

Family Camp is a designated area for families to pitch their tents in proximity to each other. 

The Family Village is new this year and located in the centre of Family Camp. The Family Village will enable a communication and support system by establishing a coordination hub where families can connect and make arrangements to care for each other’s children. 

Join us on Saturday, Sept 2nd at 9am in the Family Village for a Family Circle Workshop where we will introduce you to all the offerings serving families at Soulshine.



Soulshiners are creators! With this in mind, all weekend pass holders, practitioners, artists and crew are invited to sell their creations beginning Saturday morning in the centrally located Open Market.

Limited covered space is available on a first-come basis at no charge. We recommend bringing your own tent and table.

You are welcome to vend your creations for the hours that work for you and enjoy the festival for the rest of the time.


All weekend pass holders, practitioners, artists and crew are invited to submit artwork based on this year’s theme, “Embody“.

If you are interested in contributing to the Gallery you will find more information at: Soulshinefestival.ca/Participate