SoulshinE Updates

Family Village Update

We welcome you and your family to Soulshine Festival 2023.

Empowerment of children, youth, and families is at the heart of the festival. This year, our Family Area is comprised of a Kids Activity Zone, a Family Camp and the Family Village.

The expansive Kids Activity Zone offers a magical forest playground, music, art, dancing, drumming and other exciting spaces for children to explore. 

Family Camp is a designated area for families to pitch their tents in proximity to each other. 

The Family Village is new this year and located in the centre of Family Camp. The Family Village will enable a communication and support system by establishing a coordination hub where families can connect and make arrangements to care for each other’s children. 

Join us on Saturday, Sept 2nd at 9am in the Family Village for a Family Circle Workshop where we will introduce you to all the offerings serving families at Soulshine.

Note: Parents or guardians are responsible for their children at all times throughout the festival.

Family Essentials Checklist:

– Natural insect repellent
– Flashlights 
– Warm clothing for night time
– Ear plugs/noise cancelling headphones (if needed)
– Lots of snacks for the kids
– Reusable dishes for meals
– Reusable water bottle (we will have water refilling stations)
– Bathing suit (for the slip and slide)
– Comfortable shoes and sandals
– Camp chairs
– A family plan in case of separation. Make sure your children know what to do if they cannot find you. Any adult on site can connect a lost child with a volunteer on our walkie talkie communication system. 

Check out the packing list in the Festival Guide for more suggestions.
Read the F.A.Q. too!