SoulshinE Updates

Soulshine Is Evolving

Ahead of Schedule…

In the spirit of evolution, we are eager to update you on a few major changes, including how we are shifting work and play at Soulshine Festival, moving to new lands and the deepening of our focus on intentional, regenerative community building.

Soulshine has enjoyed three robust festivals, each nurturing the vibrant development of a new and stable community sustained by common values and enriched by shared challenges. In our third year of development, we are facing the edge of our evolution and being asked to adapt and change. After much deliberation and consideration, we are riding the wave of change and moving the site of the Festival a few years ahead of schedule.  It is our intention to develop and manage our own dedicated land.

Soulshine is transforming into an “everyone is crew” festival where we all work together to solve her myriad of challenges and learn all the lessons along the way. We are diving deeper into the experiment of exploring what it looks like for humans to live and create together without relying on old control paradigms. We intend to further de-centralize the process of creation and prioritize functional integration.

The truth is, Soulshine must evolve if we are to thrive as a sovereign, sustainable gathering. This refers not only to the site of the Festival, but also to her very nature and structure.

The big pieces are:

  • New “Everyone is Crew” model (Soulshine Festival 2.0)
  • Finding new land for the Festival
  • Shifting more fully into practical, intentional community building
  • Seeking land opportunities for a permanent home base for the Soulshine Intentional /Regenerative community project

Festival 2.0

The Festival on September Long Weekend will be maturing in form, bringing us closer to the deep end of community building. The ultimate goal of the Festival is to offer us an avenue for evolution into a well-practiced and highly aware community with the stability, skill and resources to establish and maintain a self-sustaining, intentional community.

We have begun our shift from a “classic” community festival project that includes many pass-holder participants to one where everyone is considered crew and has an important role to play in co-creation. The new model will provide opportunities and the demand for people to collaborate generatively with their chosen crew and simultaneously operate with an awareness of the community as a whole. We are shifting fully into community development skills and training. Are you ready?

Land Search

Soulshine Festival is searching for a new site for 2024. We are sending out a community-wide call for appropriate land to host the Festival this year. Bonus if it has a lake! 😉

We are ultimately seeking a permanent home for the Festival and for the community building project. In the meantime, we will adapt as required. 

If you have access to a suitable property or suggestions, please email us.